If going to visit the United States, it is necessary to visit this one country. San Diego is a country that has so much natural charm. This makes San Diego interesting enough to be visited by travelers from various countries. The following are some recommended recommendations for where to visit San Diego.

1. Balboa Park

The first place is a park that has a collection of plants and animals. This park has the name Balboa and has very complete facilities.In addition, this park has miniature trains, railroad tracks, 15 museums, and theatrical globe that has historical value.

The museums there are including museums of people, art and history. This park has a function as an educational park so that children can enter and enjoy this park. In addition, visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling around this park.

2. Seaworld San Diego

Still with educational tours, Seaworld is one of the choices where to visit San Diego. This place carries the theme of living things in water, especially the sea.Visitors can see carefully about life in the sea.

In addition there are thousands of collections of aquatic living creatures, Seaworld also has a variety of game rides such as roller coasters, white water rafting, and many more. Another unique thing about this place is that visitors can watch the whale attraction called Shamu Show.

3. San Diego Zoo

For those who want to travel with family, you should try to come to San Diego Zoo. Children will definitely be interested in getting to know animal species that cannot be seen every day.This place is also one of the good educational and recreational facilities.

This zoo has around 4000 animals consisting of 800 species. The existence of this zoo is as a place to conserve or protect animals. There are breeding animals to care for animals and then released into their habitat.

4. La Jolla Shores

This time is a recommended nature tour as a choice where to visit San Diego. La Jolla Shores is the best beach in the United States.This nature tourism is at an upper class level because it has very beautiful scenery.

This beach has another name as a San Diego gem because the sea water will shine when exposed to sunlight. There are several water activities that can be done by visitors such as scuba diving, surfing, and lakes.

5. Seaport Village

The next recommended place is a village called Seaport. This village is a tourist area that is enough to be visited.Visitors can determine the tour packages used according to taste.This place has one of the unique vehicles yautu ampibhi cars.

With this car visitors can enjoy the view from the water easily and safely. Visitors will also tour the Seaport village in the amphibious car. Not only got there, this village also has a waterfront shopping and dinning complex that can be enjoyed in the bay of San Diego.

Here are 5 places that are highly recommended as a choice where to visit San Diego. There are so many choices that can be used when you want to visit this country. It’s just that the selection of tourist destinations must be determined by the existing costs.