One of the happiest moments is graduation. The reason is, you have completed your education well and only happen and you will not be able to repeat it. Therefore, you must capture the moment well. There are many ideas for making your graduation photos more unique and interesting. The following are some theme ideas for graduation photos.

1. Self Photo While Bringing Toga

Toga and robe are clothes that you must wear during graduation. Therefore, it is not perfect if you do not take pictures with a gown. However, to make it more unique, you can remove the toga and hang it on your shoulder.

Then your other hand holds the toga. It’s better to look back on the camera as if you are going to get ready to go home. Surely this pose tells us that you have finished completing your education. So you can show your gown and robe to other people with pride.

2. Holding Piles of Books

Graduation is a celebration for people who have completed their education. And the thing most related to education is books. Of course, you can use books to be one of the theme ideas for graduation photos.

This theme is more relaxed because you can use any clothes. If you want to be more formal, you can use a graduation robe and gown. But if you want to be more relaxed just use casual clothes and togas. Then sit on the floor holding a stack of books.

3. Group Photos of Friends

When completing education, of course, you have a figure of friends who are always there when happy or sad. Friends always give support when we feel we need it. Therefore, capture the happy moment of your graduation with friends.

One of them you can do in the graduation place, while you and your friends waiting for the graduation ceremony begins. In addition, you and your friends can take photos in front of the campus or another place with a beautiful view. That way, you will not miss an important moment with your best friend.

4. Taking Photos Between the Flowers

Aesthetic photos can also be a theme for graduation photos. Although many people use this idea, it doesn’t hurt if you try. You can take pictures of beautiful flowers.

However, to show the moment of graduation you must use your graduation robe and gown. In addition, try to pose as naturally as possible to add to his aesthetic impression. For more convenience, you can look the other way or not look at the camera.

5. Family Photo

Family is the most important thing in someone’s life. Without a family, you might not get support to be able to complete education. Therefore, you must capture the moment of graduation with your family.

You can take photos outside the graduation building with a beautiful view. You better be in the middle of your family to show that you are the main character that day. In addition, you can also do graduation photos with your family in the studio. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate background.

That was about the theme ideas for graduation photos that you can do. Don’t forget to capture precious moments on graduation day because that opportunity will not come again. Therefore, determine the theme of graduation photos beforehand so that you will not be confused later.