The most wanted application in Playstore and Appstore is the best filter apps for photos. It seems that people like to have the perfect photo of themselves. There are a lot of filter applications that you can download. However, there is still the best one that you can use.

Best filter apps for photos

Every filter application has its uniqueness and specialty which differs from one another. Starting from the superior filters then the superior effects. Therefore, no matter you are a pro or a beginner, your photos will look like pro photography. Here are the best filter apps for photos for both Android and iPhone.

1. Photo Lab

The creator packed Photo Lab with over 600 amazing effects. This application is the best one for transforming your look in photos. Plus, The use of photomontages with automatic face detection makes editing photos easier. Moreover, you can be anything because you can edit yourself.

You can be a lion, gangster or even a scientist instantly using this application. The good point from this application is you able to put your picture everywhere. The photorealistic effects look so real and pretty great too. You can also collect some photos and put them into one.

2. Filterra

Another great application that you can use to filter photos is Filterra. This app gives you a lot of amazing effects and filters. Besides, this app allows you to compare your picture before and after editing. Therefore, you will know how you look like before and after.

There are also some presets such as parties and holidays just to give you the setting that you want. This application will help you a lot with editing photos.

3. Fotor Photo Editor

This application helps the user to edit and add multiple effects. Also, the user can get innovative and creative photos by using this application. Fotor Photo Editor collects many pictures in one frame.

There are also some funny and stylish quotes for your photos. Here, you can add a caption, frames, great effects, and filter features. The complete features for a picture packed in one app.

4. Split Pic

It doesn’t sound like the name of the app itself. This application is fantastic and one of the best photo editors. Moreover, Split Pic divides your camera into multiple sections with some layouts that you can choose.

This application blend image together as a single picture. It’s just like it creates magic for you. Besides, you can clone yourself and apply mirror effects with this application. You can also swap bodies with your friends and get creative and innovative.

5. AirBrush

Have you’ve ever heard about this application before? AirBrush is a photo editor application that you can use. It is an easy application for a beginner especially. An interactive interface in this app involves a lot of tools.

You can remove your pimple, white your teeth and even make your body slimmer. Magic comes from one application. Also, you can change how you look like as you wish and use a variety of effects. Good news, you can also share your edited photos on social media.

The five applications above worth your try. Furthermore, the editing features are what those apps are the best filter apps for photos. If you want to act like an expert photographer, then you must try at least one of them.