From time to time, Instagram users’ feeds get neater and better. You can spend hours just looking at Instagram feeds. However, do you also want to have Instagram feeds that are nice to see? You can apply one of these Instagram photo themes ideas so that your Instagram feeds are lovelier.

instagram photo themes ideas

Using the Instagram theme will make your Instagram feeds much neater. Then, more people will see your Instagram feeds. Here are Instagram photo themes ideas, which you can easily apply:

1. White Border Theme

This is one of the Instagram photo themes ideas, which looks simple and minimalist. Even if you post different photos, your Instagram feeds will remain neat and consistent.

In addition, the presence of a white border makes your feeds look cleaner. You can use a photo editing application to create this white border effect.

2. Rectangle Photos Theme

You can choose this photo theme for your Instagram if you want feeds that look elegant. This theme is suitable for those of you who want the viewers to focus on just one photo.

This is because the photos on this theme will have a lot of white space as a boundary. So, if you want to choose this theme, your photos will be able to tell its stories.

3. Same Filters and Tints

This is one of the Instagram photo themes ideas that the most frequently chosen. It is because if you use this theme, your Instagram feeds will have trademark feeds. Moreover, you can choose filters and tints that suit your style.

In addition to being more easily remembered by others, feeds that have the same filter and tint will create a mood of its own. For example, if you choose filters and tints with pastel colors. So, your Instagram feeds will have a feminine style.

4. Color Coordinated

If you want to use this theme, you can choose the color palette that you like. You must have one or two colors as the main color that must be present in your Instagram feeds.

For example, if you choose black and white, then Instagram photos must have black and white shades. You also have to be consistent using the color palette you choose. If you are not consistent in using the color palette, then your Instagram feeds will look very messy.

5. Color Block

If you are a cheerful person, you can choose this Instagram theme. This is because you will display photos that are full of colors. These feeds are currently on Instagram and suitable for those of you who like to take colorful photos.

You can post photos with light pastel or high saturation if you choose this theme. However, make sure you consistently apply this theme to every photo you post. So, this photo theme is very fun for you to apply in your Instagram feeds.

You can choose one of 5 Instagram photo themes ideas above. To make it easier for you to apply the theme, you can use the photo editing application. There are many photo editing applications that you can download for free on the Play Store or on the Apple Store.