Not a few people who have a hobby with the world of photography. Some people also choose to pursue a career through the hobby of photography. The following is a summary of the best photos of 2019.

1. Gaza Warrior Photo

The picture was taken by a Palestinian photographer during the Great March of Return. The action carry out by Gazans every Friday since March 2018 is carry out by Gazans. To demand the Israeli government to remove the blockade that has destroye all sectors of Gaza.

Nearly 300 Gazans die and 30,000 has injure in the action. The Gaza Strip is an area that isolate by a blockade that last for more than 11 years. At that time, Gaza was destroyed by three major wars in 2009, 2012 and 2014 paralyzed all sectors of life in Gaza.

The economy in Gaza has worsened since the Israeli aggression in the 2000 intifada until today. The blockade on Gaza since 2006, restrictions on transportation routes, and Israeli aggression repeatedly in 2008-2012-2014 plus the Palestinian divisions have damaged all lines of life in Gaza.

2. Mosque Attack to New Zealand

According to the IQNA report reported by Stuff, a photographer from the site took photos after the Christchurch terrorist attack. Which was introduce as one of the best photos in the world in 2019.

In this photo taken by Stacy Squires, Alabi Lateef, a priest from the Linwood mosque in Christchurch, came out of the mosque dressed in blood. This photo have release on the CNN website. In the “2019: Vision” section as one of the best photos of the year.

In March (2019), 51 people were killed and many others were injured in an armed attack in a racist city in Christchurch.

3. Shexian’s Noodle Festival

Jianhui Liao or Chinese photographer has been the winner of the 2019 competition of Food Photographer. Cauldron Noodles is the Liao’s photo, shows the celebration of Goddess Nuwa festival in Shexian in Hebei, China.

As a section of an annual celebration, villagers wear costumes of Qing Dynasty to celebrate Goddess Nuwa. And eat some noodles in a bowl. One of the judges of the competition, Andy Macdonald, will say that Liao was entitle to prize money of £ 5,000.

4. Bonda Tribe Have Some Food for Their Family

Bonda is one of state in India, Odisha, has many tribal communities. They have a very simple life.

Modern life is fail to change them. Because they always careful in protecting their traditions and the culture from modern life. In this time, the women of Bonda are busy for preparing food in a clay bowl and starting a fire using wood.

5. Rafflesia Flowers in Agam Regency

Photo titled Flower Rafflesia in Agam District, shot by Andika Putra. Became the best photo of the 2019 Protected Fauna and Animal photo competition. Organized by the Directorate General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through the West Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Center.

The head of organizing the 2019 Protect Fauna and Animal Contest Getrina Desvayanty in Padang on Wednesday say that the photo contest was held. To commemorate the Love Puspa and National Wildlife (HCPSN) on 5 November.

The delivery of prizes in the form of Rp. 25 million in cash as well as trophies and charter to five winners of the protected puspa and animal photo contest. So a group of aves and mammals in 2019 was conduct at the Natural Resources Conservation Office in West Sumatra.

That’s the row of best photos of 2019 from various countries in the world. Some photos get an award because of the beauty contained in the photo. The best photo deserves an award because it will create an impression of respecting the work of others.