Easy Peasy Tricks For Stunning Photos From Phone

Long before smartphones attack the world of photography, good photos came from a long exhausting process. And yet not everybody can do it since not so many people have a good camera. But today, everyone is a photographer. Moreover, if you know tricks for stunning photos from phone then you can call yourself a photographer.

tricks for stunning photos from phone

We can thank the smartphone and it’s editing app for producing a good photo. But, we need to know more tricks other than editing app. Just to be more expert. Please find some tricks bellow:

1. Clean Your Smartphone’s Camera

It is important to keep your camera lens clean and free from dust or oil. Before taking a picture, make sure that the camera lens is free from dirt. Better use a microfiber towel for cleaning it. But, the cleaning camera lens can be tricky too.

If you are wrong in choosing a fabric, for example, a fabric with a grainy surface, then your camera lens will potentially scratch. Clean it softly and gentle without pressing onto it too hard. Once your lens clean, you are ready to get a clear good photo.

2. Maximizing Grid Line

Activate the grid line on your smartphone camera. It is good to know the rule of thirds composition in producing good and proportional photos. Just because you are not a professional photographer doesn’t mean you don’t need this rule. Sure, you need it.

Gridline helps you to adjust subject to a proportional view. Therefore, your picture will be good looking and looks professional. This is one of the tricks for stunning photos from phone you need to absorb. Most importantly when you use scenery as background or main object. Gridline will make it stunning.

3. No Zoom, Get Closer to The Object

Instead of zooming you better move closer to the object. Zooming will make your photo blur and looks cheesy. Besides, zooming will increase the photo’s resolution. The bigger the resolution the spacier it is. If you think you’re standing too far from the object, then you better move closer.

4. Get a Perfect Light

The most perfect light is natural light. Precisely, before 12 in the morning or at 4-5 pm in the afternoon. That is the golden hour if you want to take a picture outside. The problem is if you don’t have enough lighting, then you need to activate your flash. But, the flash will be effective in a range of 2-3 meters.

If you happened to take a picture of food or object for your online store, there is this one trick. Put your object surrounded by a white background –you can DIY it from white paperboard- and then put a light on top of it. Cheap and easy isn’t it?

5. Take Picture from Unique Angle

Try a different angle to produce a unique photo. Besides, photos from unusual angles sometimes produce stunning results. For example, you can take a photo through inside a tube to create a stunning effect. Be creative and don’t forget to pay attention to the safety aspect first.

Well, now you know some tricks for stunning photos from phone. Hopefully your photo collection will look pro and stunning. Just grab your phone and go find an interesting object to shoot.

Best Lomo Camera For Analog Film Lover

Lomography is a style of ‘pop’ photography that used a unique camera which broadly known as ‘Lomo’. This camera and its results emphasize joy rather than loyalty. Besides, the Lomo camera also asserts on the beautiful flaw instead of perfection. It is mostly loved because of its ‘experimental joy’ of analog film photography and its low-cost. Wanting to find the beauty among imperfection of this camera? Check the list for you to get the best one here:

Lomo camera

1. Lomography Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0

With around $69, this camera will bring you the joy of using a film camera. This camera is equipped with a bright crimson red coat, with a 30mm lens with an aperture range from f/10.8 until f/16. It uses a 35mm film camera. Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 is the perfect camera for film shooters starting point in the Lomography.

Yet, looking at its results’ quality, this camera is considered a little bit pricey. Also, it easy to hit the shutter release accidentally. Thus, this camera is suitable for beginners, who want to practice while finding joy in Lomography.

2. Lomo’instant Wide

Lomo camera has offers instant cameras as alternatives for Lomography. People now do not have to worry about looking for a place where films can be processed. Using four AA batteries, this camera provides wider formats of prints. It equipped with 35mm f/8 lens and have multiple exposure mode. This camera also has large and simple controls.

This camera, though, has a tiny optical viewfinder. The body of this camera is also large and bulky. With around $149, this camera can be obtained. Even though it pricey, Lomo’instant wide is worth it for the Lomography lovers that lazy to processed the films.

3. Lomography Diana F+ with Flash

As one of the best Lomography camera, this camera is compatible well with beginners. The price of this product is $89, not so pricey for the analog film fans. Besides, it has lots of accessories available. This camera equips with a 75mm f/8 lens and uses the 120 film format.

One of the weaknesses of this camera is that it builds with plastic. It also has crude results. Therefore, the affordable price and accessories availability makes this camera worth it.

4. Lomo Lubitel 166+

Having unique builds, this retro-style camera comes from Russia. The price of this camera is around $349, considered as expensive for Lomo Camera, yet still affordable. It has a 75mm f/4.5 lens and 120 or 35 mm format films. Yet, because of it made from plastic, this camera feels cheap for quite an expensive price. Lomo Lubitel 166+, though, is worth it for the Lomography enthusiasts.

5. Lomography LC-Wide 35mm

Wanting to capture everything into the frame? This camera might be the best option. Equips with 17mm f/4.5, it has ultra-wide capture but still can be put in the pocket. It also has the auto exposures mode and 35mm film format. With the price of $389, this camera becomes one of the most expensive Lomo options. This makes this camera not suitable for beginners. Yet, it is very compatible with Lomography enthusiast.

Looking for the perfections among the imperfections of photography? Lomo camera is the answer. Having many types and price ranges, these cameras are suitable for analog film lovers. Its retro style and photography style will bring lots of joy in capturing moments.

Beginner Guides for Film Photography You Can Learn

These days, many people now photography and photos by digital cameras only. However, they all started with film photography that used strips of plastic. In the old days, with the strips of plastic people can capture moments and photos of moving objects. Even though the process of printing and producing the moment was not easy, film photography is still used these days. However, not everybody is able to make film photography especially the young ones. Therefore, for those who are interested should learn beginner guides for film photography. 

The process of film photography is longer and harder than digital photography. However, after seeing the result, it is satisfying for both the maker and the viewers. Even though it is hard, anyone can make film photography. People can find many beginner guides for film photography online which will guide them to make a good film. For those who are interested, here are some beginner tips to start on:

1. Choosing the Right Equipment

To shoot film photography, the first thing people will need is the equipment. The number one equipment people must have been the camera. Use the 35mm manual lens to shoot the right image and object you need. Even though this camera is usually for pro photographers, beginners can also use them because they are helpful. Cameras with these lenses will help capture great quality images without giving too much effort. 

2. Buying the Films

Film photography will be nothing without the film rolls itself. Therefore, to make a good film photography people must have the right film roll. When people go shopping for films, they will see the numbers in the film. These number signs the films sensitivity to light, so the lower it is the worse for dark places. On the other hand, the higher the number is the better it is for outdoor and speed shots. Usually, people will choose the number 400 for shooting film photography. 

3. How to Shoot

Before shooting a film, know the type of camera that you will be using. Read the beginner’s guide to learn the features and benefits of the camera. These days, many people prefer to use SLR cameras because they can manually shoot and focus on their own. Even though it is hard to focus on the image, the results will be amazing. If you want a clear black-white film, choose a room or a sight that has good lighting. 

4. Keep the Film Cool

An important for beginners is always to keep the film in a cool place. Different from digital photography, films have an end date and can get damaged. Therefore, it is important for people to keep the films in a cool and dry space. Also, remember the age of the film, because, after a period, the film can’t be used anymore.

5. Shooting Outdoors or Black-White Film

One of the advantages of film photography is it will give great results for those who shoot outdoors. Especially if you want a black-white film to keep. One of the tips in most beginner guides for film photography is trying to shoot a film outdoor. Analog cameras can produce clear images in natural light compared to digital cameras. Therefore, to get the best results, try shooting outdoors first.

These beginner guides for film photography are not easy to apply. However, everything that people practice will make a perfect result including for film photography. Therefore, keep on going even though the results may not be as expected. 

Where To Visit San Diego Best Place Photo

If going to visit the United States, it is necessary to visit this one country. San Diego is a country that has so much natural charm. This makes San Diego interesting enough to be visited by travelers from various countries. The following are some recommended recommendations for where to visit San Diego.

1. Balboa Park

The first place is a park that has a collection of plants and animals. This park has the name Balboa and has very complete facilities.In addition, this park has miniature trains, railroad tracks, 15 museums, and theatrical globe that has historical value.

The museums there are including museums of people, art and history. This park has a function as an educational park so that children can enter and enjoy this park. In addition, visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling around this park.

2. Seaworld San Diego

Still with educational tours, Seaworld is one of the choices where to visit San Diego. This place carries the theme of living things in water, especially the sea.Visitors can see carefully about life in the sea.

In addition there are thousands of collections of aquatic living creatures, Seaworld also has a variety of game rides such as roller coasters, white water rafting, and many more. Another unique thing about this place is that visitors can watch the whale attraction called Shamu Show.

3. San Diego Zoo

For those who want to travel with family, you should try to come to San Diego Zoo. Children will definitely be interested in getting to know animal species that cannot be seen every day.This place is also one of the good educational and recreational facilities.

This zoo has around 4000 animals consisting of 800 species. The existence of this zoo is as a place to conserve or protect animals. There are breeding animals to care for animals and then released into their habitat.

4. La Jolla Shores

This time is a recommended nature tour as a choice where to visit San Diego. La Jolla Shores is the best beach in the United States.This nature tourism is at an upper class level because it has very beautiful scenery.

This beach has another name as a San Diego gem because the sea water will shine when exposed to sunlight. There are several water activities that can be done by visitors such as scuba diving, surfing, and lakes.

5. Seaport Village

The next recommended place is a village called Seaport. This village is a tourist area that is enough to be visited.Visitors can determine the tour packages used according to taste.This place has one of the unique vehicles yautu ampibhi cars.

With this car visitors can enjoy the view from the water easily and safely. Visitors will also tour the Seaport village in the amphibious car. Not only got there, this village also has a waterfront shopping and dinning complex that can be enjoyed in the bay of San Diego.

Here are 5 places that are highly recommended as a choice where to visit San Diego. There are so many choices that can be used when you want to visit this country. It’s just that the selection of tourist destinations must be determined by the existing costs.

Row of Best Photos of 2019

Not a few people who have a hobby with the world of photography. Some people also choose to pursue a career through the hobby of photography. The following is a summary of the best photos of 2019.

1. Gaza Warrior Photo

The picture was taken by a Palestinian photographer during the Great March of Return. The action carry out by Gazans every Friday since March 2018 is carry out by Gazans. To demand the Israeli government to remove the blockade that has destroye all sectors of Gaza.

Nearly 300 Gazans die and 30,000 has injure in the action. The Gaza Strip is an area that isolate by a blockade that last for more than 11 years. At that time, Gaza was destroyed by three major wars in 2009, 2012 and 2014 paralyzed all sectors of life in Gaza.

The economy in Gaza has worsened since the Israeli aggression in the 2000 intifada until today. The blockade on Gaza since 2006, restrictions on transportation routes, and Israeli aggression repeatedly in 2008-2012-2014 plus the Palestinian divisions have damaged all lines of life in Gaza.

2. Mosque Attack to New Zealand

According to the IQNA report reported by Stuff, a photographer from the site took photos after the Christchurch terrorist attack. Which was introduce as one of the best photos in the world in 2019.

In this photo taken by Stacy Squires, Alabi Lateef, a priest from the Linwood mosque in Christchurch, came out of the mosque dressed in blood. This photo have release on the CNN website. In the “2019: Vision” section as one of the best photos of the year.

In March (2019), 51 people were killed and many others were injured in an armed attack in a racist city in Christchurch.

3. Shexian’s Noodle Festival

Jianhui Liao or Chinese photographer has been the winner of the 2019 competition of Food Photographer. Cauldron Noodles is the Liao’s photo, shows the celebration of Goddess Nuwa festival in Shexian in Hebei, China.

As a section of an annual celebration, villagers wear costumes of Qing Dynasty to celebrate Goddess Nuwa. And eat some noodles in a bowl. One of the judges of the competition, Andy Macdonald, will say that Liao was entitle to prize money of £ 5,000.

4. Bonda Tribe Have Some Food for Their Family

Bonda is one of state in India, Odisha, has many tribal communities. They have a very simple life.

Modern life is fail to change them. Because they always careful in protecting their traditions and the culture from modern life. In this time, the women of Bonda are busy for preparing food in a clay bowl and starting a fire using wood.

5. Rafflesia Flowers in Agam Regency

Photo titled Flower Rafflesia in Agam District, shot by Andika Putra. Became the best photo of the 2019 Protected Fauna and Animal photo competition. Organized by the Directorate General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through the West Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Center.

The head of organizing the 2019 Protect Fauna and Animal Contest Getrina Desvayanty in Padang on Wednesday say that the photo contest was held. To commemorate the Love Puspa and National Wildlife (HCPSN) on 5 November.

The delivery of prizes in the form of Rp. 25 million in cash as well as trophies and charter to five winners of the protected puspa and animal photo contest. So a group of aves and mammals in 2019 was conduct at the Natural Resources Conservation Office in West Sumatra.

That’s the row of best photos of 2019 from various countries in the world. Some photos get an award because of the beauty contained in the photo. The best photo deserves an award because it will create an impression of respecting the work of others.