Having a watercolor painting that has a beautiful artistic value is a matter of pride.  But the existence of canvas and watercolor has been displaced by the presence of Photoshop.  Through this application, can create images or photos with watercolor effects that have high artistic value.  Here are the steps on how to create watercolor effect in photoshop.

Select A Photo Object Or Image

You certainly have several photo collections.  If you want to be creative with watercolor effects on your pictures or photos of your collection.  You can choose the right one.  Because not all images will match the watercolor effect.

How to create watercolor effect in photoshop is by selecting the appropriate image.  The image that usually matches the watercolor effect is a picture of a natural landscape.  So the picture will produce beautiful artwork.

Each watercolor effect is usually obtained from canvas media and brush touches.  You can now apply them to the appropriate image.  Thus, it will produce high artistic value images such as the master’s painting.

Therefore choosing an appropriate image is also one of the determining factors for producing high-value artwork.  Thus, choosing an image with a watercolor effect is the main factor, before you start editing with the WaterColor effect.

Step By Step Create WaterColor Effects In Photoshop

The steps, how to create watercolor effect in photoshop are very easy.  Even for amateurs. You can create and explore art in these images.  Especially for those of you who like painting, the usual painting media such as canvas and paper have been replaced with the presence of Photoshop.  Besides better results, it is also more practical.  Here are the steps:

  • In the right-click screen pane then select convert to smart object.
  • Apply filter effects
  • Then select a filter and select the gallery filter.
  • Set the brush size, detail, and texture, then click OK.
  • Back again select the gallery filter and click cut out.
  • Double click on the right corner. Then select Mode and change to pinlight.
  • Click the blur menu on the filter menu, then click surface blur.
  • In the radius column select number 3, and threshold select number 35.
  • On the surface blur screen panel, double-click the smart filter.
  • Change the mode and screen opacity column to 50%.
  • Then select the filter, click stylize, choose to find edges.
  • Double click on the smart filter, then set the mode to multiply.
  • Add paper textured images as a basic medium for painting.
  • Click the layers panel then select layers 2, then change to multiply.
  • Click on the main screen panel, then click the new layer mask.
  • On the keyboard select alt + backspace, so the background color changes from white to black.
  • On the Tools menu, select the brush tool.
  • Then choose the watercolor brush according to taste.
  • Then brush on the picture that has been previously set.  Thus, it will produce an image effect with watercolor.
  • Finish

That’s the tutorial on, how to create watercolor effect in photoshop.  Very easy right?  Even for beginners.  You can try it yourself. Thus, you can be creative in some of your image collections.