Long before smartphones attack the world of photography, good photos came from a long exhausting process. And yet not everybody can do it since not so many people have a good camera. But today, everyone is a photographer. Moreover, if you know tricks for stunning photos from phone then you can call yourself a photographer.

tricks for stunning photos from phone

We can thank the smartphone and it’s editing app for producing a good photo. But, we need to know more tricks other than editing app. Just to be more expert. Please find some tricks bellow:

1. Clean Your Smartphone’s Camera

It is important to keep your camera lens clean and free from dust or oil. Before taking a picture, make sure that the camera lens is free from dirt. Better use a microfiber towel for cleaning it. But, the cleaning camera lens can be tricky too.

If you are wrong in choosing a fabric, for example, a fabric with a grainy surface, then your camera lens will potentially scratch. Clean it softly and gentle without pressing onto it too hard. Once your lens clean, you are ready to get a clear good photo.

2. Maximizing Grid Line

Activate the grid line on your smartphone camera. It is good to know the rule of thirds composition in producing good and proportional photos. Just because you are not a professional photographer doesn’t mean you don’t need this rule. Sure, you need it.

Gridline helps you to adjust subject to a proportional view. Therefore, your picture will be good looking and looks professional. This is one of the tricks for stunning photos from phone you need to absorb. Most importantly when you use scenery as background or main object. Gridline will make it stunning.

3. No Zoom, Get Closer to The Object

Instead of zooming you better move closer to the object. Zooming will make your photo blur and looks cheesy. Besides, zooming will increase the photo’s resolution. The bigger the resolution the spacier it is. If you think you’re standing too far from the object, then you better move closer.

4. Get a Perfect Light

The most perfect light is natural light. Precisely, before 12 in the morning or at 4-5 pm in the afternoon. That is the golden hour if you want to take a picture outside. The problem is if you don’t have enough lighting, then you need to activate your flash. But, the flash will be effective in a range of 2-3 meters.

If you happened to take a picture of food or object for your online store, there is this one trick. Put your object surrounded by a white background –you can DIY it from white paperboard- and then put a light on top of it. Cheap and easy isn’t it?

5. Take Picture from Unique Angle

Try a different angle to produce a unique photo. Besides, photos from unusual angles sometimes produce stunning results. For example, you can take a photo through inside a tube to create a stunning effect. Be creative and don’t forget to pay attention to the safety aspect first.

Well, now you know some tricks for stunning photos from phone. Hopefully your photo collection will look pro and stunning. Just grab your phone and go find an interesting object to shoot.