Nowadays, there are a lot of moments that people do not want to miss and keep it through documentation. Starting from a wedding party, graduation, birthday party and others. One of the new events that people are starting to documentation is pregnancy photoshoot. Pregnancy is one of the most important moments, especially for new parents. Moreover, parents would use unique pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas to make it more memorable.

There are a lot of ways to make a unique and different pregnancy photoshoot. People would usually hire a professional photographer to make the concept, prepare and take the photo. However, the price might be a little bit pricey. But do not worry, there are also some DIY Pregnancy Photoshoot theme ideas that parents could create by themselves. Here are some of the ideas.

1. Pop Together with Balloons and Balls

A fun theme idea for pregnancy that parents could make by themselves is using balloons and balls. With using a white clear room for the venue, this theme would create a beautiful photo. Parents could use colorful balloons or also soft pastel colors. To make it more playful, put a combination of helium balloons and normal ones. Moreover, the parents could carry the USG photo of the baby in a white frame.

2. Photoshoot with Babies Stuffs

Another pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are using baby’s stuff. With still using a clear room as the venue, hang on some baby’s clothes on the back. The baby’s clothes could be the background of the photo. While the mom and dad pose together with the baby’s toys around them. This theme is easy to do yet would make a cute photo result.

3. Hang Out in Front of the House

A simple yet beautiful way to create a pregnancy Photoshoot is by using the front terrace home. By just adding some home accessories, the front door would be a comfortable place. The theme idea is about welcoming “home” the baby to the world. The parent pose should also be relaxing and happy. Furthermore, a simple white outfit would add joy to the picture.

4. An Outdoor Garden Theme

The next DIY pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are using the outdoor and garden theme. Whatever the weather or season is, parents could use the outdoor or garden side as the venue. For example, a photoshoot in the fall season. Parents could sit down on the ground with trees and leaves as the backgrounds. To make it more beautiful, add a raining leafs on the venue.

5. Flowery Bathtub Photos

The last DIY idea for parents is using a bathtub with some beautiful flowers. The mom goes into the bathtub that is filled with milk water. After that add flowers into the bathtub until it is full of flowers. Not only inside, but also outside the and around the bathtub. Use real flowers to make the result more beautiful.

These DIY pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are simple and also cheap to do. Parents could take the photoshoot in the eighth month when the belly is in the perfect size and shape. Moreover, parents could use their own camera to take photos.