Lomography is a style of ‘pop’ photography that used a unique camera which broadly known as ‘Lomo’. This camera and its results emphasize joy rather than loyalty. Besides, the Lomo camera also asserts on the beautiful flaw instead of perfection. It is mostly loved because of its ‘experimental joy’ of analog film photography and its low-cost. Wanting to find the beauty among imperfection of this camera? Check the list for you to get the best one here:

Lomo camera

1. Lomography Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0

With around $69, this camera will bring you the joy of using a film camera. This camera is equipped with a bright crimson red coat, with a 30mm lens with an aperture range from f/10.8 until f/16. It uses a 35mm film camera. Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 is the perfect camera for film shooters starting point in the Lomography.

Yet, looking at its results’ quality, this camera is considered a little bit pricey. Also, it easy to hit the shutter release accidentally. Thus, this camera is suitable for beginners, who want to practice while finding joy in Lomography.

2. Lomo’instant Wide

Lomo camera has offers instant cameras as alternatives for Lomography. People now do not have to worry about looking for a place where films can be processed. Using four AA batteries, this camera provides wider formats of prints. It equipped with 35mm f/8 lens and have multiple exposure mode. This camera also has large and simple controls.

This camera, though, has a tiny optical viewfinder. The body of this camera is also large and bulky. With around $149, this camera can be obtained. Even though it pricey, Lomo’instant wide is worth it for the Lomography lovers that lazy to processed the films.

3. Lomography Diana F+ with Flash

As one of the best Lomography camera, this camera is compatible well with beginners. The price of this product is $89, not so pricey for the analog film fans. Besides, it has lots of accessories available. This camera equips with a 75mm f/8 lens and uses the 120 film format.

One of the weaknesses of this camera is that it builds with plastic. It also has crude results. Therefore, the affordable price and accessories availability makes this camera worth it.

4. Lomo Lubitel 166+

Having unique builds, this retro-style camera comes from Russia. The price of this camera is around $349, considered as expensive for Lomo Camera, yet still affordable. It has a 75mm f/4.5 lens and 120 or 35 mm format films. Yet, because of it made from plastic, this camera feels cheap for quite an expensive price. Lomo Lubitel 166+, though, is worth it for the Lomography enthusiasts.

5. Lomography LC-Wide 35mm

Wanting to capture everything into the frame? This camera might be the best option. Equips with 17mm f/4.5, it has ultra-wide capture but still can be put in the pocket. It also has the auto exposures mode and 35mm film format. With the price of $389, this camera becomes one of the most expensive Lomo options. This makes this camera not suitable for beginners. Yet, it is very compatible with Lomography enthusiast.

Looking for the perfections among the imperfections of photography? Lomo camera is the answer. Having many types and price ranges, these cameras are suitable for analog film lovers. Its retro style and photography style will bring lots of joy in capturing moments.