A photo sometimes needs to clarify the information in an article. However, images that are used should not be taken arbitrarily from search engines because you could have a problem with copyright. Therefore, there is a solution to this problem by using stock photos. The following are the best stock photo sites free that you can use.

1. Kaboompics

On this website, you can find various types of photos. Of course, the photos on this Kaboompics website can be accessed and used as you wish. It’s just that you may not redistribute the photo or sell it. The website developer will ask you to include credit or backlink to Kaboompics if possible to develop the website.

2. Negative Space

The second in the list of best stock photo sites free is Negative Space. Unlike its name, this website will really help you to get pictures easily. Every week there will be new photos and the categories provided are also very diverse. You can even search for images based on the color of the image you want.

3. New Old Stock

This one stock photo provider website is perfect for those of you who like photos with vintage themes. All photos in New Old Stock are made in black and white. You can even ascertain whether the photo is completely free of the license before using it to be more secure.

4. Burst by Shopify

Shopify created this website to provide stock photos for entrepreneurs. You can use the photos in Burst for commercial purposes freely. Even the photos there have themes related to the business niche. And the Burst team or the Shopify team themselves took the photos directly.

5. Stockpic

As one of the best stock photo sites free, Stockpic also provides a variety of photos that you can access freely. You can even use it as an advertisement, template or for any purpose. Photographer Ed Gregory as the developer of this website will issue 10 new photos every week. So it can be ensured that this website can be trusted.

6. Death to the Stock Photo

Because of the difficulty of finding good-quality photos for the purposes of blogs, businesses, and others, Allie and David created this website. Death to the Stock Photo provides quality photos for you. Every month a photo will be sent via email so you will get it easily.

7. PicJumbo

The next best and most trusted stock photo sites are PicJumbo. The authenticity of the pictures there is no doubt. Because the photos uploaded on PicJumbo always have high quality and are always new every day. However, to help develop this website, please give credit or put a backlink to the PicJumbo website.

8. Gratisography

This website is one of the best free stock photo providers. This license provided by Gratisography can help you to use it commercially and personally. Even the photos on the website are different from the photos on other stock photo websites.

That was some of the best stock photo sites free that can be your reference. Because the photo is work so you must be careful in using other people’s work. It would be better for you to take photos from the websites of reliable stock photo providers.