8 Best Stock Photo Sites Free And Reliable

A photo sometimes needs to clarify the information in an article. However, images that are used should not be taken arbitrarily from search engines because you could have a problem with copyright. Therefore, there is a solution to this problem by using stock photos. The following are the best stock photo sites free that you can use.

1. Kaboompics

On this website, you can find various types of photos. Of course, the photos on this Kaboompics website can be accessed and used as you wish. It’s just that you may not redistribute the photo or sell it. The website developer will ask you to include credit or backlink to Kaboompics if possible to develop the website.

2. Negative Space

The second in the list of best stock photo sites free is Negative Space. Unlike its name, this website will really help you to get pictures easily. Every week there will be new photos and the categories provided are also very diverse. You can even search for images based on the color of the image you want.

3. New Old Stock

This one stock photo provider website is perfect for those of you who like photos with vintage themes. All photos in New Old Stock are made in black and white. You can even ascertain whether the photo is completely free of the license before using it to be more secure.

4. Burst by Shopify

Shopify created this website to provide stock photos for entrepreneurs. You can use the photos in Burst for commercial purposes freely. Even the photos there have themes related to the business niche. And the Burst team or the Shopify team themselves took the photos directly.

5. Stockpic

As one of the best stock photo sites free, Stockpic also provides a variety of photos that you can access freely. You can even use it as an advertisement, template or for any purpose. Photographer Ed Gregory as the developer of this website will issue 10 new photos every week. So it can be ensured that this website can be trusted.

6. Death to the Stock Photo

Because of the difficulty of finding good-quality photos for the purposes of blogs, businesses, and others, Allie and David created this website. Death to the Stock Photo provides quality photos for you. Every month a photo will be sent via email so you will get it easily.

7. PicJumbo

The next best and most trusted stock photo sites are PicJumbo. The authenticity of the pictures there is no doubt. Because the photos uploaded on PicJumbo always have high quality and are always new every day. However, to help develop this website, please give credit or put a backlink to the PicJumbo website.

8. Gratisography

This website is one of the best free stock photo providers. This license provided by Gratisography can help you to use it commercially and personally. Even the photos on the website are different from the photos on other stock photo websites.

That was some of the best stock photo sites free that can be your reference. Because the photo is work so you must be careful in using other people’s work. It would be better for you to take photos from the websites of reliable stock photo providers.

The 5 Best Instagram Photo Themes Ideas To Make Your Feed More Attractive

From time to time, Instagram users’ feeds get neater and better. You can spend hours just looking at Instagram feeds. However, do you also want to have Instagram feeds that are nice to see? You can apply one of these Instagram photo themes ideas so that your Instagram feeds are lovelier.

instagram photo themes ideas

Using the Instagram theme will make your Instagram feeds much neater. Then, more people will see your Instagram feeds. Here are Instagram photo themes ideas, which you can easily apply:

1. White Border Theme

This is one of the Instagram photo themes ideas, which looks simple and minimalist. Even if you post different photos, your Instagram feeds will remain neat and consistent.

In addition, the presence of a white border makes your feeds look cleaner. You can use a photo editing application to create this white border effect.

2. Rectangle Photos Theme

You can choose this photo theme for your Instagram if you want feeds that look elegant. This theme is suitable for those of you who want the viewers to focus on just one photo.

This is because the photos on this theme will have a lot of white space as a boundary. So, if you want to choose this theme, your photos will be able to tell its stories.

3. Same Filters and Tints

This is one of the Instagram photo themes ideas that the most frequently chosen. It is because if you use this theme, your Instagram feeds will have trademark feeds. Moreover, you can choose filters and tints that suit your style.

In addition to being more easily remembered by others, feeds that have the same filter and tint will create a mood of its own. For example, if you choose filters and tints with pastel colors. So, your Instagram feeds will have a feminine style.

4. Color Coordinated

If you want to use this theme, you can choose the color palette that you like. You must have one or two colors as the main color that must be present in your Instagram feeds.

For example, if you choose black and white, then Instagram photos must have black and white shades. You also have to be consistent using the color palette you choose. If you are not consistent in using the color palette, then your Instagram feeds will look very messy.

5. Color Block

If you are a cheerful person, you can choose this Instagram theme. This is because you will display photos that are full of colors. These feeds are currently on Instagram and suitable for those of you who like to take colorful photos.

You can post photos with light pastel or high saturation if you choose this theme. However, make sure you consistently apply this theme to every photo you post. So, this photo theme is very fun for you to apply in your Instagram feeds.

You can choose one of 5 Instagram photo themes ideas above. To make it easier for you to apply the theme, you can use the photo editing application. There are many photo editing applications that you can download for free on the Play Store or on the Apple Store.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

There have been a few books expounded on the numerous methodologies. We are going to assist you with understanding the essential system of blackjack in this article. The absolute first thing you should know, on the off chance that you don’t as of now is that Blackjack has an exceptionally simple to learn objective.

In blackjack you have to come as near 21 without busting to win. You additionally should beat the seller hand. Likewise with numerous gambling club games, you are really playing against the seller, instead of different players at the table. You can have up to five players at a similar table playing against the seller. At the point when you have more players at the table that implies you will have more cards in play, however for the most part the shoe has up to 6 or 8 decks with the goal that card forgetting about can be dominated. Card checking is a methodology that we will take a gander at in a later article. For the present however how about we talk about fundamental procedure.

You will be managed two cards to begin as will the seller. The seller cards will have one opening card and one face up card. This causes you to strategize dependent on the card appearing. Notwithstanding, you would prefer not to simply play off of the vendor’s top card. It very well may be deceiving somewhat.

In system, even fundamental methodology, you have to realize when to endure a shot and when to stand or give up. Not all games enable you to give up, so we won’t focus on that choice. There are two sorts of hands that you can play on. There is the hard hand which implies you don’t have a pro, and the delicate turn where an expert is a piece of the play.

Hard Hands:

  • At the point when the player has an aggregate of 8 and the up card of the vendor is 2-9, ten or ace you will consistently endure a shot.
  • At the point when the player has nine and the up card is 2, 7, 8, 9, Ten or Ace you should endure a shot. On the 3, 4, 5, 6 up card for the vendor you should twofold down.
  • In the event that you have 10 or 11 for the complete you will need to twofold down on any up card except for the Ten or Ace. On those cards you will hit.
  • For a 12 you will endure a shot when the up card is the 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, or Ace. For the 4, 5, or 6 up card you should stand.

Remember whether you are going to stand, a few club won’t enable you to remain on anything short of a 15. Different club pass by the old school decide that if the vendor has 15 they may not stand, yet you are permitted to stand when you need. It pays to know the principles so you can comprehend what methodology you ought to play in slot online and blackjack. It will likewise rely upon the up card of the vendor.

5 Best Photo Editor For PC Free In 2020

A photo is an object that can record a moment in the form of images. Now, many tools that can produce a photograph that is like a professional camera and mobile camera. However, sometimes these cameras do not have good quality so they need to be edited. Here is the best photo editor for PC free.

best photo editor for pc free


GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is one of the best free photo editor software. This software is open-source which debuted on a Unix-based platform. Now, this photo editor is available in versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac. GIMP offers several common toolsets such as selection, paint tools, cloning, color correction, and enhancements.

Users of this software can work with all popular file formats with no problems at all because the team overseeing development has worked hard to ensure compatibility. The features offered by GIMP are almost similar to Adobe Bridge so users can use free software with good quality.

2. Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is one of the best photo editor for PC free. Unlike GIMP, this software is not used much by many photo editors. However, this software has a complete suite of editing applications. Chasys Draw IES has several important features such as paint and drawing tools, supports Photoshop plugins, special effects, extensive color, and lighting adjustments, and more.

From desktop activities, users can create animations, icons and cursors, CD or DVD labels, and video capture. The existence of a RAW file processor, image viewer and converter, touch screen and pen input device, and Chasys Draw IES is a UAC designed to take advantage of the multi-core processor presented by this software in an impressive and freeway.

3. Paint.net

Paint.net is the best photo editor for PC free that created specifically for Windows. The focus of Paint.net is on ease of use, and there is a definite tendency to edit photos rather than artistic creations. This software has various special effects that make it possible to create fake perspectives.

It also can blend images and push pixels around the canvas, tile, and re-selection, and so on. Paint.net is an alternative to Photoshop for editing photos because this software has a good range of selection tools. In addition, there is also support for layers and adjustments such as curves and brightness/contrast. So users can still edit photos of some additional tools such as Photoshop.

4. PhoXo

PhoXo is a photo editor software similar to Photoshop. This software platform is Windows so that it can be used on a PC. Apart from that, another main feature is for creative professionals such as the ability to add custom watermarks to all image folders. Additionally, PhoXo features thousands of clip-art, frames, patterns, textures and shapes, image transformation, effects and more.

5. PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is the best free photo editor for PC free with professional quality features. So users will get several features like support resizing and rotating options, layers, cropping, color management tools, cloning, sharpness and blur filters and much more.

This application also includes customizable keyboard shortcuts to increase the productivity of its users. This is because the familiar direct interface is fun to use.

That’s the best photo editing that can be used for free on a PC. Although free, the quality of the editing software is comparable to paid software.

The Best Filter Apps For Photos In 2020

The most wanted application in Playstore and Appstore is the best filter apps for photos. It seems that people like to have the perfect photo of themselves. There are a lot of filter applications that you can download. However, there is still the best one that you can use.

Best filter apps for photos

Every filter application has its uniqueness and specialty which differs from one another. Starting from the superior filters then the superior effects. Therefore, no matter you are a pro or a beginner, your photos will look like pro photography. Here are the best filter apps for photos for both Android and iPhone.

1. Photo Lab

The creator packed Photo Lab with over 600 amazing effects. This application is the best one for transforming your look in photos. Plus, The use of photomontages with automatic face detection makes editing photos easier. Moreover, you can be anything because you can edit yourself.

You can be a lion, gangster or even a scientist instantly using this application. The good point from this application is you able to put your picture everywhere. The photorealistic effects look so real and pretty great too. You can also collect some photos and put them into one.

2. Filterra

Another great application that you can use to filter photos is Filterra. This app gives you a lot of amazing effects and filters. Besides, this app allows you to compare your picture before and after editing. Therefore, you will know how you look like before and after.

There are also some presets such as parties and holidays just to give you the setting that you want. This application will help you a lot with editing photos.

3. Fotor Photo Editor

This application helps the user to edit and add multiple effects. Also, the user can get innovative and creative photos by using this application. Fotor Photo Editor collects many pictures in one frame.

There are also some funny and stylish quotes for your photos. Here, you can add a caption, frames, great effects, and filter features. The complete features for a picture packed in one app.

4. Split Pic

It doesn’t sound like the name of the app itself. This application is fantastic and one of the best photo editors. Moreover, Split Pic divides your camera into multiple sections with some layouts that you can choose.

This application blend image together as a single picture. It’s just like it creates magic for you. Besides, you can clone yourself and apply mirror effects with this application. You can also swap bodies with your friends and get creative and innovative.

5. AirBrush

Have you’ve ever heard about this application before? AirBrush is a photo editor application that you can use. It is an easy application for a beginner especially. An interactive interface in this app involves a lot of tools.

You can remove your pimple, white your teeth and even make your body slimmer. Magic comes from one application. Also, you can change how you look like as you wish and use a variety of effects. Good news, you can also share your edited photos on social media.

The five applications above worth your try. Furthermore, the editing features are what those apps are the best filter apps for photos. If you want to act like an expert photographer, then you must try at least one of them.

DIY Pregnancy Photoshoot Theme Ideas

Nowadays, there are a lot of moments that people do not want to miss and keep it through documentation. Starting from a wedding party, graduation, birthday party and others. One of the new events that people are starting to documentation is pregnancy photoshoot. Pregnancy is one of the most important moments, especially for new parents. Moreover, parents would use unique pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas to make it more memorable.

There are a lot of ways to make a unique and different pregnancy photoshoot. People would usually hire a professional photographer to make the concept, prepare and take the photo. However, the price might be a little bit pricey. But do not worry, there are also some DIY Pregnancy Photoshoot theme ideas that parents could create by themselves. Here are some of the ideas.

1. Pop Together with Balloons and Balls

A fun theme idea for pregnancy that parents could make by themselves is using balloons and balls. With using a white clear room for the venue, this theme would create a beautiful photo. Parents could use colorful balloons or also soft pastel colors. To make it more playful, put a combination of helium balloons and normal ones. Moreover, the parents could carry the USG photo of the baby in a white frame.

2. Photoshoot with Babies Stuffs

Another pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are using baby’s stuff. With still using a clear room as the venue, hang on some baby’s clothes on the back. The baby’s clothes could be the background of the photo. While the mom and dad pose together with the baby’s toys around them. This theme is easy to do yet would make a cute photo result.

3. Hang Out in Front of the House

A simple yet beautiful way to create a pregnancy Photoshoot is by using the front terrace home. By just adding some home accessories, the front door would be a comfortable place. The theme idea is about welcoming “home” the baby to the world. The parent pose should also be relaxing and happy. Furthermore, a simple white outfit would add joy to the picture.

4. An Outdoor Garden Theme

The next DIY pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are using the outdoor and garden theme. Whatever the weather or season is, parents could use the outdoor or garden side as the venue. For example, a photoshoot in the fall season. Parents could sit down on the ground with trees and leaves as the backgrounds. To make it more beautiful, add a raining leafs on the venue.

5. Flowery Bathtub Photos

The last DIY idea for parents is using a bathtub with some beautiful flowers. The mom goes into the bathtub that is filled with milk water. After that add flowers into the bathtub until it is full of flowers. Not only inside, but also outside the and around the bathtub. Use real flowers to make the result more beautiful.

These DIY pregnancy photoshoot theme ideas are simple and also cheap to do. Parents could take the photoshoot in the eighth month when the belly is in the perfect size and shape. Moreover, parents could use their own camera to take photos.

Easy Peasy Tricks For Stunning Photos From Phone

Long before smartphones attack the world of photography, good photos came from a long exhausting process. And yet not everybody can do it since not so many people have a good camera. But today, everyone is a photographer. Moreover, if you know tricks for stunning photos from phone then you can call yourself a photographer.

tricks for stunning photos from phone

We can thank the smartphone and it’s editing app for producing a good photo. But, we need to know more tricks other than editing app. Just to be more expert. Please find some tricks bellow:

1. Clean Your Smartphone’s Camera

It is important to keep your camera lens clean and free from dust or oil. Before taking a picture, make sure that the camera lens is free from dirt. Better use a microfiber towel for cleaning it. But, the cleaning camera lens can be tricky too.

If you are wrong in choosing a fabric, for example, a fabric with a grainy surface, then your camera lens will potentially scratch. Clean it softly and gentle without pressing onto it too hard. Once your lens clean, you are ready to get a clear good photo.

2. Maximizing Grid Line

Activate the grid line on your smartphone camera. It is good to know the rule of thirds composition in producing good and proportional photos. Just because you are not a professional photographer doesn’t mean you don’t need this rule. Sure, you need it.

Gridline helps you to adjust subject to a proportional view. Therefore, your picture will be good looking and looks professional. This is one of the tricks for stunning photos from phone you need to absorb. Most importantly when you use scenery as background or main object. Gridline will make it stunning.

3. No Zoom, Get Closer to The Object

Instead of zooming you better move closer to the object. Zooming will make your photo blur and looks cheesy. Besides, zooming will increase the photo’s resolution. The bigger the resolution the spacier it is. If you think you’re standing too far from the object, then you better move closer.

4. Get a Perfect Light

The most perfect light is natural light. Precisely, before 12 in the morning or at 4-5 pm in the afternoon. That is the golden hour if you want to take a picture outside. The problem is if you don’t have enough lighting, then you need to activate your flash. But, the flash will be effective in a range of 2-3 meters.

If you happened to take a picture of food or object for your online store, there is this one trick. Put your object surrounded by a white background –you can DIY it from white paperboard- and then put a light on top of it. Cheap and easy isn’t it?

5. Take Picture from Unique Angle

Try a different angle to produce a unique photo. Besides, photos from unusual angles sometimes produce stunning results. For example, you can take a photo through inside a tube to create a stunning effect. Be creative and don’t forget to pay attention to the safety aspect first.

Well, now you know some tricks for stunning photos from phone. Hopefully your photo collection will look pro and stunning. Just grab your phone and go find an interesting object to shoot.

Best Lomo Camera For Analog Film Lover

Lomography is a style of ‘pop’ photography that used a unique camera which broadly known as ‘Lomo’. This camera and its results emphasize joy rather than loyalty. Besides, the Lomo camera also asserts on the beautiful flaw instead of perfection. It is mostly loved because of its ‘experimental joy’ of analog film photography and its low-cost. Wanting to find the beauty among imperfection of this camera? Check the list for you to get the best one here:

Lomo camera

1. Lomography Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0

With around $69, this camera will bring you the joy of using a film camera. This camera is equipped with a bright crimson red coat, with a 30mm lens with an aperture range from f/10.8 until f/16. It uses a 35mm film camera. Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 is the perfect camera for film shooters starting point in the Lomography.

Yet, looking at its results’ quality, this camera is considered a little bit pricey. Also, it easy to hit the shutter release accidentally. Thus, this camera is suitable for beginners, who want to practice while finding joy in Lomography.

2. Lomo’instant Wide

Lomo camera has offers instant cameras as alternatives for Lomography. People now do not have to worry about looking for a place where films can be processed. Using four AA batteries, this camera provides wider formats of prints. It equipped with 35mm f/8 lens and have multiple exposure mode. This camera also has large and simple controls.

This camera, though, has a tiny optical viewfinder. The body of this camera is also large and bulky. With around $149, this camera can be obtained. Even though it pricey, Lomo’instant wide is worth it for the Lomography lovers that lazy to processed the films.

3. Lomography Diana F+ with Flash

As one of the best Lomography camera, this camera is compatible well with beginners. The price of this product is $89, not so pricey for the analog film fans. Besides, it has lots of accessories available. This camera equips with a 75mm f/8 lens and uses the 120 film format.

One of the weaknesses of this camera is that it builds with plastic. It also has crude results. Therefore, the affordable price and accessories availability makes this camera worth it.

4. Lomo Lubitel 166+

Having unique builds, this retro-style camera comes from Russia. The price of this camera is around $349, considered as expensive for Lomo Camera, yet still affordable. It has a 75mm f/4.5 lens and 120 or 35 mm format films. Yet, because of it made from plastic, this camera feels cheap for quite an expensive price. Lomo Lubitel 166+, though, is worth it for the Lomography enthusiasts.

5. Lomography LC-Wide 35mm

Wanting to capture everything into the frame? This camera might be the best option. Equips with 17mm f/4.5, it has ultra-wide capture but still can be put in the pocket. It also has the auto exposures mode and 35mm film format. With the price of $389, this camera becomes one of the most expensive Lomo options. This makes this camera not suitable for beginners. Yet, it is very compatible with Lomography enthusiast.

Looking for the perfections among the imperfections of photography? Lomo camera is the answer. Having many types and price ranges, these cameras are suitable for analog film lovers. Its retro style and photography style will bring lots of joy in capturing moments.

Beginner Guides for Film Photography You Can Learn

These days, many people now photography and photos by digital cameras only. However, they all started with film photography that used strips of plastic. In the old days, with the strips of plastic people can capture moments and photos of moving objects. Even though the process of printing and producing the moment was not easy, film photography is still used these days. However, not everybody is able to make film photography especially the young ones. Therefore, for those who are interested should learn beginner guides for film photography. 

The process of film photography is longer and harder than digital photography. However, after seeing the result, it is satisfying for both the maker and the viewers. Even though it is hard, anyone can make film photography. People can find many beginner guides for film photography online which will guide them to make a good film. For those who are interested, here are some beginner tips to start on:

1. Choosing the Right Equipment

To shoot film photography, the first thing people will need is the equipment. The number one equipment people must have been the camera. Use the 35mm manual lens to shoot the right image and object you need. Even though this camera is usually for pro photographers, beginners can also use them because they are helpful. Cameras with these lenses will help capture great quality images without giving too much effort. 

2. Buying the Films

Film photography will be nothing without the film rolls itself. Therefore, to make a good film photography people must have the right film roll. When people go shopping for films, they will see the numbers in the film. These number signs the films sensitivity to light, so the lower it is the worse for dark places. On the other hand, the higher the number is the better it is for outdoor and speed shots. Usually, people will choose the number 400 for shooting film photography. 

3. How to Shoot

Before shooting a film, know the type of camera that you will be using. Read the beginner’s guide to learn the features and benefits of the camera. These days, many people prefer to use SLR cameras because they can manually shoot and focus on their own. Even though it is hard to focus on the image, the results will be amazing. If you want a clear black-white film, choose a room or a sight that has good lighting. 

4. Keep the Film Cool

An important for beginners is always to keep the film in a cool place. Different from digital photography, films have an end date and can get damaged. Therefore, it is important for people to keep the films in a cool and dry space. Also, remember the age of the film, because, after a period, the film can’t be used anymore.

5. Shooting Outdoors or Black-White Film

One of the advantages of film photography is it will give great results for those who shoot outdoors. Especially if you want a black-white film to keep. One of the tips in most beginner guides for film photography is trying to shoot a film outdoor. Analog cameras can produce clear images in natural light compared to digital cameras. Therefore, to get the best results, try shooting outdoors first.

These beginner guides for film photography are not easy to apply. However, everything that people practice will make a perfect result including for film photography. Therefore, keep on going even though the results may not be as expected. 

Where To Visit San Diego Best Place Photo

If going to visit the United States, it is necessary to visit this one country. San Diego is a country that has so much natural charm. This makes San Diego interesting enough to be visited by travelers from various countries. The following are some recommended recommendations for where to visit San Diego.

1. Balboa Park

The first place is a park that has a collection of plants and animals. This park has the name Balboa and has very complete facilities.In addition, this park has miniature trains, railroad tracks, 15 museums, and theatrical globe that has historical value.

The museums there are including museums of people, art and history. This park has a function as an educational park so that children can enter and enjoy this park. In addition, visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling around this park.

2. Seaworld San Diego

Still with educational tours, Seaworld is one of the choices where to visit San Diego. This place carries the theme of living things in water, especially the sea.Visitors can see carefully about life in the sea.

In addition there are thousands of collections of aquatic living creatures, Seaworld also has a variety of game rides such as roller coasters, white water rafting, and many more. Another unique thing about this place is that visitors can watch the whale attraction called Shamu Show.

3. San Diego Zoo

For those who want to travel with family, you should try to come to San Diego Zoo. Children will definitely be interested in getting to know animal species that cannot be seen every day.This place is also one of the good educational and recreational facilities.

This zoo has around 4000 animals consisting of 800 species. The existence of this zoo is as a place to conserve or protect animals. There are breeding animals to care for animals and then released into their habitat.

4. La Jolla Shores

This time is a recommended nature tour as a choice where to visit San Diego. La Jolla Shores is the best beach in the United States.This nature tourism is at an upper class level because it has very beautiful scenery.

This beach has another name as a San Diego gem because the sea water will shine when exposed to sunlight. There are several water activities that can be done by visitors such as scuba diving, surfing, and lakes.

5. Seaport Village

The next recommended place is a village called Seaport. This village is a tourist area that is enough to be visited.Visitors can determine the tour packages used according to taste.This place has one of the unique vehicles yautu ampibhi cars.

With this car visitors can enjoy the view from the water easily and safely. Visitors will also tour the Seaport village in the amphibious car. Not only got there, this village also has a waterfront shopping and dinning complex that can be enjoyed in the bay of San Diego.

Here are 5 places that are highly recommended as a choice where to visit San Diego. There are so many choices that can be used when you want to visit this country. It’s just that the selection of tourist destinations must be determined by the existing costs.